Code on the Shell

One of its meanings.

Code: the bits, the programs.

Shell: the interface; or the outer shell of the device.

Code on the Shell:
From the electrified deepness of the hardware inside the device, the code surfaced on the outer shell ... became the device itself.

The Logo

Two-way orientation.

Our logo is rather unique in the way we use it.
Either horizontally, or rotated 90° clockwise.
And yet, it’s always holding up ...


What we do

Design, Software, and 0s and 1s.

App Design

A good design saves the day.

Interface design is one of Code on the Shell’s strengths. Modern, ergonomic, unique.

How good a software’s interface is in terms of ergonomy or usability mostly comes from the graphical design work that was put on the project from the very start. In fact, we could say, from the user’s point of view, that the quality of an app or software comes entirely from its design, pure and simple.

By the way, we can also simply program your project if you bring your own design.


Strategic, not tactical.

Programming is the everyday tool geeks like Code on the Shell personnel use to feel good and have fun while doing it.

Code is actually designed here, just like a graphical interface is designed.
The goal at Code on the Shell is to develop strategically, in opposition to tactically. A strategic code design looks to the future, for ease of maintenance, even tries to foresee possible new functionality that may come up later on.
Tactical code, on the other hand, is made to release the product as fast as possible, but in the long run costs more, sometimes much more, to maintain.


And a Little More

Meet Akira.

Code on the Shell is based in Montreal, Canada, planet Earth.
And Akira is its founder-CEO, whatever that means.
Below is a little Q&A with him ...

Fake Interviewer

What do you think of emerging AI technologies?


It sure is the buzz word since a little while. In general I think a good tool, like pattern recognition, is very useful and I love that, and that is just a small part of the field of artificial intelligence.
But for things I know or can do myself, I prefer to keep it that way: stay knowledgeable and competent. AI should be a tool, not a replacement nor a crutch to rely on more and more.

Fake Interviewer

Are you an AI?


... Unless nobody told me.
Well, if so, I must be one advanced model, ’cause I can also eat, sleep, and procrastinate.

Fake Interviewer

Are you insane?


Oh yes, probably.
In fact I am diplomé from the Crazy Institude of.

Fake Interviewer

The Crazy Institute of ... Of what?


That’s just how it’s called.
When the founders initially sat together to decide for the name, at some point they just stopped: it was time for lunch.

Fake Interviewer

So, not really crazy I guess, or hope?


Not at all, but certainly very creative.
And I lied anyway: I flunked out, never got the diploma.

Fake Interviewer

Right ... One last question if you please --


Sorry, gotta go now. Time for lunch.